The Best Hair Transplant Clinic and Doctor

Hair transplantation should be performed by a specialist doctor in a reputable clinic due to the high sensitivity of the procedures. In recent years, due to the establishment of many beauty centers that work in the field of hair transplantation, it has become difficult to choose authorized and licensed hair transplant clinics. For this reason, before doing anything, one must make sure that the clinic is licensed and that it has standard equipment and facilities. Legitimate hair transplant clinics have some features and characteristics. For example, if a reputable hair transplant center is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, it can be easily trusted and benefited from its welfare and beauty services. Also, an authorized hair transplant clinic is a place where the most up-to-date hair transplant methods are used and it has a professional and specialized medical staff.

Why Helia Dermatologic Clinic Is the Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai?

By searching for the term best hair transplant clinic in Emirates you will come across a long list of active centers in the capital, which can confuse you and make you hesitate in choosing them. It is necessary to know that a great clinic has a hygienic and tidy environment, the staff is patient and friendly, the staff has clean and uniform clothes, the center can provide treatment with new equipment for each type of cosmetic problem, according to its characteristics and does not perform a single method for everyone.

Helia Specialized Skin and Hair Clinic, as one of the best hair transplant clinics, uses a hair transplant specialist in Tehran; Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani, who with several thousand successful hair transplant operations in recent years, has left a brilliant record.

Helia Hair Transplantation Clinic has a unique reputation due to the use of the most innovative and latest technologies in high-quality hair transplantation and also due to having all the necessary facilities and specifications in terms of medicine and health so that most hair transplant candidates prefer this clinic to achieve the desired appearance. We know that men and women have different needs for hair transplants, so we have different facilities that are suitable for everyone, and we will perform hair transplants under the safest possible conditions.

The Best Hair Transplant Doctor

The Best Hair Transplant Doctor

Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani has an experience of 17 years and more than 5,000 successful hair transplant operations in Tehran and Iran.

Thick and tidy hair has a great effect on appearance and attractiveness. Hair loss due to disease, wounds, especially alopecia, aging and genetic factors has been a concern for humans throughout history, to the extent that a prescription for hair restoration is included in the Papyrus 1500 B. C. Ebers of ancient Egypt.

Hair transplantation is now recognized as a safe and permanent way to solve this problem. For natural hair transplantation with high success, refer to the best hair transplant clinic in UAE (Dubai) because the quality of clinic services and the way the specialist works are the most important factors in the durability of hair transplantation.

Introducing the Best Hair Transplant Centers in Emirates (Dubai)

When people decide to have a natural hair transplant, they often look for the best hair transplant clinic. A clinic becomes the best hair transplant clinic in Emirates (Dubai) when it is licensed and excellent in all respects. Helia Dermatologic Clinic is one of the hair transplant centers in Tehran that performs natural hair transplants professionally. Approximately two-thirds of men by age 35 will experience significant hair loss, and their number will reach 85% after age 50. Of course, men are not the only ones who suffer from this problem. Hair loss is also seen in women, but not as severely as in men.

Patients with hair loss often look for ways to reduce it in the best hair transplant center in UAE. Over the past few years, advances in hair transplant techniques have been very dramatic; This means that clients have access to solutions that deliver real long-term results.

For information about the cost of your hair transplant, you can contact the consultants of Helia Dermatology Clinic for free through the number +971 56 100 3040. Also, share all your questions about hair transplants and other beauty services with us via WhatsApp messenger at +971 56 100 3040.

For more information on the available options, positive and negative effects and choosing the best hair restoration centers in Emirates (Dubai) read more about each of the hair transplant methods and achieving optimal hair transplant results.

The Best Hair Transplantation Center in UAE (Dubai)

The best way to ensure the quality of services provided in beauty centers is to research the level of client satisfaction. This means that people can check the images before and after the hair transplant operation on the hair transplant candidates and ask their opinions about the work process and the final result. Then, based on these opinions, make your decision about choosing the right clinic. Helia Dermatologic Clinic is one of the best reputable hair transplant clinics in Dubai. This place is considered one of the reputable hair transplant centers in Emirates (Dubai) and those who are concerned about hair loss and baldness can refer to it and enjoy the latest hair transplant methods. Hair transplant methods in this clinic are performed exclusively by the specialist doctor, Dr. Khorasani.

In recent years, thanks to the expertise and knowledge of cosmetologists, Iran has become one of the leading poles of cosmetic surgery, especially hair transplantation. In this regard, Tehran has become a destination for medical tourism and hair transplantation. Meanwhile, Helia Dermatologic Clinic, as one of the best hair transplant centers in Tehran, has started its activity in the field of natural hair transplantation professionally, for many years. At first glance, finding beauty centers and the best hair transplant center in Tehran may seem easy, but due to its high sensitivity and permanent results, you should be obsessive and careful in choosing a cosmetic surgeon and the best hair transplant center in Emirates.

There are different hair transplant methods that are performed in the best hair transplant clinic, and you can definitely choose one of these methods according to your budget. In fact, making the right choice is tantamount to choosing the best hair transplant, which will last you a lifetime. Helia Skin and Hair Clinic provides hair transplant services with the latest technology and the presence of expert doctors.

New Methods of Hair Transplantation in the Best Center

New Methods of Hair Transplantation in the Best Center of Emirates

The newest method of hair transplantation in Iran is the micrograft method. Natural hair transplantation by MicroGraft method has been done for the first time in Iran by Dr. Khorasani in Helia Dermatologic Clinic and is the exclusive property of this hair transplant center. There are many other methods for natural hair transplants, but there are three main ones:

  1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  3. Direct Hair Transplantation (DHI)

Hair Transplantation Steps

Micrograft Hair Transplant

  1. Apply local anesthesia in the areas of hair transplantation and hair source
  2. Creating linear holes in the hair removal areas
  3. Hair extraction with the help of one of the techniques of automatic holders in micron size or Trichophytic Scarlet
  4. Preparation of extracted hair follicles
  5. Make holes of 1 mm in the sparse or bald areas of the head
  6. Placing the follicles in the holes created by the micro-implant device

FUT Hair Transplant

  1. Shaving hair donor area
  2. Apply local anesthesia and sterilize the head
  3. Make an incision of 15 to 25 cm and extract a strip of hair follicles
  4. Apply sutures to the incision area
  5. Preparation of stripped hair follicles
  6. Applying small incisions in the bald area and placing the follicles with high precision.

FUE Hair Transplant

  1. Sterilize the hair source and the bald area
  2. Apply local anesthesia
  3. Extraction of hair follicles by punching machine
  4. Preparation of removed follicles
  5. Placing the prepared follicles in the bald areas with the help of a punching machine

DHI Hair Transplant

  1. Preparing the patient by sterilizing the hair source and the implant area
  2. Apply local anesthesia
  3. Extraction of hair follicles one by one from the hair source
  4. Preparation of extracted follicles
  5. Placing the follicles in the bald areas of the head with the help of a micromotor or manually

The First Method

To perform the FUT method, in the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai, hair is traditionally extracted using a thin tape, which is then divided into follicular units with the help of special microscopes, and then hair transplantation is performed. These follicular units are divided into smaller groups. Each group consists of one to four hairs, called follicular or transplant units. One of the advantages of the FUT method is that it is relatively easy and quick to perform. In many cases, even with a few hours of process in the best hair transplant center, it is done completely and there is no need for multiple sessions. Another advantage of FUT implantation in the best hair transplant center in UAE (Dubai) is that it is almost painless.

The steps of the FUT method in Helia Hair Transplant Center are: first, the hair of the donor part is shaved so that the follicles are easily accessible. Then, in the best hair transplant clinic, local anesthesia is injected into the skin of the donor area so that the applicant does not feel any pain. After anesthesia, the surgeon removes a thin incision 15 to 25 cm from the scalp along with the follicles in that area and sutures the wound. Hair follicles are removed from this cut piece. This removal is done in the best hair transplant clinic in Emirates with the utmost care so that the follicles are not damaged.

The number of follicles removed varies from person to person, depending on the type of hair in the donor area. The last stage of hair transplantation in the bald area in the best hair transplant center in UAE is that first the scalp is cleaned and then local anesthesia is performed. Then small incisions are made on the surface of the scalp, and finally, the follicles extracted from the back of the head are carefully placed in these incisions. If you have done hair restoration in a reputable center such as Helia Dermatologic Clinic, the recovery period due to a FUT operation is very short, and by following the doctor’s instructions in the best hair transplant center in Tehran and taking medication, the wounds will heal after only a few days and you can Get to your daily routine.

The Second Method

In the next method, extraction of the follicular unit (FUE) in the best hair transplant center in Dubai, the individual’s hair follicle units are extracted directly from the back and sides of the scalp using a small 7 mm round tool such as a punch, and then the hair transplantation is performed. The FUE method has this advantage over the FUT method that it leaves no scars. But you may need more sessions and it also costs more than the FUT method. Of course, if the center you visit for hair transplantation, such as the best dermatologic clinic in UAE (Dubai), has advanced tools and technologies, your time will be saved and the transplant operation will be performed in fewer and shorter sessions. Helia specialized Clinic is a suitable choice for hair transplantation, using advanced devices and under the supervision of professional specialists.

The most important advantage of FUE hair transplantation is that if it is performed by a skilled doctor in the best hair transplant clinic, the final result will look very natural. You must have seen people around you who have had natural hair transplants, but if they do not tell anyone, no one can tell if the hair has been transplanted or not. These people have most likely used the FUE implant method in the best hair transplant clinic in Emirates.

The Third Method

Direct hair transplantation (DHI) is an advanced method of FUE. In the DHI method, in the best hair transplant clinic, small holes are made in the scalp and then the hair is placed in them and the hair transplant is completed. It can be said that in terms of results, they will not be much different from the second method.

DHI is a more complete and up-to-date method than the first FUT method, and it undoubtedly has the best results, because although the first method of hair transplantation achieves a good quality of hair transplantation, there is the problem of a linear mark which remains behind the head and if you lose all your hair in 20 years, it will appear and it will look ugly. In the DHI method, in the best hair transplant center, a pen is used to remove and implant follicles. The use of a pen and one-by-one removal of follicles has made this method the most accurate method available for hair transplantation in the best hair transplant center in Dubai. This procedure is performed in Helia specialized clinic. The accuracy of this method is so high that it even allows the client and the doctor to decide on the angle and direction of hair transplantation so that the result looks as natural and beautiful as possible. Of course, this high accuracy requires more time and it takes longer than the previous two methods to complete the planting.

Although the cost of FUT is half that of FUE and DHI, if you do not want any scars to remain, it is better to try the other two methods at the best dermatologic clinic because the follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area so no wounds will exist. Of course, your doctor at Helia specialized Clinic will decide on a method based on the type of hair loss, the size of the bald area, and the quality and quantity of the transplanted hair. Do not forget that a particular hair transplant technique is not suitable for everyone. For example, doctors at the best hair transplant center generally believe that FUT hair transplantation is more appropriate for those applicants whose baldness is relatively extensive. Or if you want to cover a small area, the DHI method is recommended because of its high accuracy.

Effective Features in Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Center in Emirates (Dubai)

Clinic Portfolio: The best dermatologic clinic in Dubai is a place that provides a complete collection of its previous portfolios to customers, without fear or hesitation; It is better to make sure the photos are not edited.

Authorization of the Ministry of Health: Only those hair transplant centers which have received the relevant licenses from the Ministry of Health, are allowed to provide this operation. In addition, hair implants must be performed by physicians who have completed Ministry-approved courses and whose work permits have been made visible to clients on the site.

Hair transplantation has a history of more than 60 years. Hair transplantation may not be necessary for your baldness, but it is a recommended method for you. You have definitely read a lot about it and realized that many specialists at the best hair transplant center in Dubai can do this, however it may not be easy to find a reliable hair transplant surgeon as many clinics claim. They offer the best services for you, but first of all, before applying for a hair transplant, you should know where to search. Do not look for advertisements and make sure of the reputation of the center, the up-to-date tools and the experience of the doctor, which are the most effective features for choosing the best hair transplant center. By choosing Helia Dermatologic Clinic, you can have your hair transplant operation with ease.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Hair Transplant Center

Criteria for Selecting the Best Hair Transplant Center

Due to a large number of hair transplant applicants in Iran, the hair transplant market in Iran is booming. Like any other thriving market, many people in this market are only looking for their own profit and do not care about the satisfaction of the applicant and the harm they do to him with their wrong decisions. At first glance, the large number of beauty and hair transplant clinics makes you think that finding the best hair transplant center is very easy. But this is a misconception and in order to choose the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai, you must consider many things and choose with the utmost care, because the result of hair transplantation will be with you permanently and is always in front of your eyes. In the following, we will review the criteria that you should consider to choose the best natural hair transplant center. The criteria for selecting the best natural hair transplant center and the best way to identify a reputable hair transplant center are:

1- Be sure to ask your doctor to provide you with at least ten pre-and post-transplant photographs taken there.

2- Your doctor can refer you to previous clients who have had a hair transplant to make sure they are satisfied.

3- Make sure about the facilities, being up-to-date and use of the latest equipment in the world, as well as the necessary credentials and licenses of the clinic or treatment center that you visit for hair transplantation, because performing hair transplants in non-standard centers, in addition to not resulting in the expected results, will also endanger your health.

4- What is your doctor specialized in? Is hair restoration his only specialized field? You will find someone who only repairs hair and if he does it in other ways, hair transplantation should be the main focus of his work.

5- Even if your doctor is the best in town for hair implants, without a good support team, you will not get the exceptional hair transplant services you are looking for.

6- Ask your doctor about the number of natural hair transplants he or she has done so far. This will increase your trust in your doctor.

7- Natural hair transplants should be performed in a safe and sterilized environment to prevent contamination. Therefore, check the clinic environment and the modernity of hair transplant tools.

You can find out the price of your hair transplant by visiting Helia Dermatologic Clinic and consulting with the experienced specialists of this skin and hair clinic. Call +971 56 100 3040 for consultation.

Also, you can benefit from online consultation through the online chat system of the website.

Hair and eyebrow transplants in this clinic are performed by the prominent doctor of Iran, Dr. Hamid Reza Khorasani.

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