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Helia International Dermatology Clinic

Helia international skin and hair clinic has many years of history and has the most advanced medical facilities and equipment with the latest technology in the world. This has caused this dermatologic clinic to be called one of the best skin, hair and beauty clinics in Dubai. This clinic will provide all skin and beauty services at the lowest price and highest quality to valuable applicants.

Helia Dermatology Clinic is a specialist in natural hair, eyebrow and beard transplantation with many years of experience. Micrograft hair transplant services are performed exclusively in this clinic by Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani with the introduction of advanced equipment for this procedure and obtaining the necessar…

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Providing expert advice by the clinic’s medical staff

Modern equipment

Go through the treatment process using the latest equipment.

Painless hair transplant

Anesthesia without pain and bleeding with a needle-free injection device

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Presenting special offers to all respected customers