Cost of natural hair transplantation in Helia dermatology Clinic

Hair loss and baldness are common problems in many societies. Baldness problems among men, especially in middle age, is a natural phenomenon that some people easily accept. But the appearance of baldness, especially at a young age, is an important issue that affects not only beauty but also the mood and self-confidence of people. Baldness in women is a far more serious crisis; Because women care more about beauty than men, and hair loss and baldness will affect this beauty. Given this, it is not un rule that hair restoration and transplantation methods will be very popular among people.

But the question that arises in this regard is how much does a hair transplant cost? In this article, in order to better inform you, the cost of hair transplantation is explained:

Costs of Hair Transplantation in 2022

With the spread of hair loss problems, the number of applicants for natural hair transplants in the world is increasing. Extensive methods have been developed to meet the needs of these people, each of which treats baldness in a specific manner. Of course, the price of each natural hair transplant method is different. The reason for these differences is determined by the factors of equipment, consumables and other services provided by the clinic. Especially in UAE (Dubai), where different prices for cosmetic hair transplants are determined by clinics and doctors. Each of these centers has different rates based on the services and benefits they provide to the individual. One of the factors determining the cost of natural hair transplantation is the method chosen by the doctor. There are different methods for natural hair transplantation in the world and each one is selected based on the patient’s needs.

Many people with hair loss experience low self-esteem and tend to seek treatment as soon as possible through hair transplants. In the meantime, things like the cost of hair transplants can act as a barrier to decision-making. The cost of hair transplants in 1400 has increased compared to previous years due to inflation and lack of pricing monitoring. In general, the cost of hair transplants is affected by factors such as the following:

Costs of Hair Transplantation
Costs of Hair Transplantation
  1. Anesthesia medication
  2. The method used for transplantation
  3. Tools and devices used according to the method used
  4. The wage of the doctor and the medical team that help him
  5. Number of grafts required for hair transplantation
  6. Patient physical and mental health conditions
  7. The amount of complexity of the hair implant process
  8. The ideal shape and volume of patient hair
  9. The rate of baldness
  10. Hair quality in the donor area

There are currently two common and effective hair transplant methods. One of these techniques is the FIT hair implant and the other is the FUT method. The difference between these two methods is in how the follicles are extracted and implanted in the desired area. The FIT method is a bit more modern and uses special needles to separate the follicles and plant them in the right places, while in the FUT method, the specialist doctor removes a strip of the follicles and begins hair transplantation. But in terms of labor cost, FIT hair transplants will cost a little more because this method is more up-to-date using modern technology, and as a result, it will be easier to achieve the desired results in this method.

Another factor influencing the cost of cosmetic hair transplantation is the number of sessions required for hair follicle transplantation. Typically, most applicants for hair transplants will only need one session of treatment and hair transplants to remove baldness and thinning hair at the back of the head. This means that all the desired transplants will be done in about 5 to 8 hours, but in the meantime, some people will need more transplant sessions to fill in the bald areas.

Is the price of each hair area different for a hair transplant?

In general, the main cost of hair transplantation is related to the number of grafts that are extracted from the donor area and transplanted to the treated area. So we can say it does not matter which part of your head or face you choose for implantation! In fact, it is the extent of the baldness (or low density of the scalp) that determines the final cost of your natural hair transplant.

The Price of hair transplantation Difference in Men and Women
The Price of hair transplantation Difference in Men and Women

The Price Difference in Men and Women

Male pattern hair loss in men typically leads to more extensive hair loss and eventually causes “baldness”, especially in the scalp. But often female pattern hair loss does not cause baldness and women are more likely to suffer from low density, thinning and fading of hair strands color. In general, men have stronger and more durable hair than women, and most of their hair is suitable for transfer and transplantation; While women are somewhat different from men in this regard. However, the cost of each hair transplant in women is usually almost the same as in men, and only the number of transplanted hairs can make a difference in the cost of hair transplantation between the two groups.

Hair Transplant Price in Other Countries

For example, the cost of hair transplants in Toronto, Canada can vary greatly depending on the type of implant and the extent of the treatment. So prices in this area can range from $ 3,500 for small areas to $ 14,000 for large hair transplants. The average cost of a hair transplant for male pattern baldness in Canada is about $ 9,500.

In cities like New York City and Los Angeles, you have to pay more than $ 6 per hair strand for 1,000 graft transplantation with the FUE method. That way you will have to pay about $ 6,000 or more.

The cost of hair transplants in Turkey is between 1799 and 5990 “Euros”.

The Reason for the Low Price of Hair Transplants in Emirates (Dubai), Compared to Neighboring Countries

You have probably heard that the cost of hair transplants in UAE (Dubai) is lower than in neighboring countries and even in European countries and the United States, and you would like to know why?

The first and most important reason is the rate of inflation and the devaluation of our currency. The second reason can be attributed to the increase in the activity of specialists in the field of hair transplantation, and the last reason is related to the high demand of the people of our country to do this operation. In general, the approximate cost of hair transplantation in UAE (Dubai), which has the largest number of hair implant centers, is about $ 300 to $ 900. Given the reasons for the difference in hair transplant prices in United Arab Emirates and other countries, we must emphasize that lower costs do not reduce the quality of hair transplant results in Emirates (Dubai) and we can say with confidence that the quality of hair transplants in some reputable centers is even much higher than most Western countries that do this at a very high cost. So if you think that paying a lot of money for hair transplants in other countries will lead to better results, you are sorely mistaken.

For information about the cost of your hair transplant, you can contact Helia Dermatologic Clinic through the number +971 56 100 3040 for a consultation free of charge. Also, share all your questions related to hair transplants and other cosmetic services with us through WhatsApp Messenger at +971 56 100 3040

Cost of Hair Transplantation According to the Number of Grafts
Cost of Hair Transplantation According to the Number of Grafts

Cost of Hair Transplantation According to the Number of Grafts

The average number of follicles that are implanted in one session will be between 3,000 and 4,000 follicles, but if a person needs more than 5,000 grafts at the discretion of a specialist, further work will be postponed to the next day, resulting in higher costs for the individual. Selecting a hair transplant method depends on the discretion of the specialist. Another factor influencing the cost of natural hair transplants is the size thinning area or baldness. The more hair loss, the more hair follicles there should be and also the more difficult it will be to do high-density hair transplants. So, due to the difficulty, there is a higher cost for hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Price According to Geographical Location

In addition to the factors mentioned above, another factor that plays a role in the cost of natural hair transplants is geographical location. In some cities or countries, hair transplants are less expensive than in others. Fortunately, Emirates is one of the best and cheapest countries for hair transplants, which receives the lowest cost of hair transplants among other countries. Given the low price of hair transplants in UAE (Dubai) and the difference in currency value of the country compared to European countries, it is obvious for many people to travel to Emirates (Dubai) for natural hair transplants. The skill and expertise of specialists, along with the low cost of hair implants, encourage many applicants for hair transplants in United Arab Emirates and countries such as Turkey.

Is the Clinic Effective in the Cost of Hair Transplants?

One of the most important questions that always comes to the mind of the client before a natural hair transplant is whether the clinic is effective in the cost of hair transplantation or not? Currently, there are many clinics in the field of natural hair transplantation, and each of them has its own methods for hair follicle transplantation. There are clinics that, due to their high expertise and skills in hair transplantation, charge more for clients. There is another group of clinics that charge more for their hair transplants as well as the guarantees they give for hair transplants. Usually, these clinics raise their rates by providing more and better services than other centers. Of course, in the meantime, other reputable and good clinics perform hair transplants with good quality for people and also reasonable costs.

Is the Cost of Hair Transplantation a Good Criterion for Choosing a Doctor?

Currently, there are many clinics in the field of natural hair transplantation, and this factor has created heavy competitive conditions between these centers. This competition has a direct impact on the cost of services provided by the centers. In the meantime, trade unions and health organizations have set specific criteria in this regard. However, due to the competitive nature of hair transplant activities among clinics, different fees are announced. Some of these centers cost less and others more because of the higher quality of services. Also, some centers reduce their costs to attract more customers for natural hair transplants, but on the other hand, they are not willing to make less profit than any natural hair transplant. As a result, they reduce the quality of hair transplant services. This is a kind of profiteering and fraud.

Finally, it can be concluded that the announced cost of hair transplantation is not a good criterion for choosing a doctor or clinic. Because some clinics only consider their own benefits and customer satisfaction is not important to them. However, in some cases, the specialist doctor has a high level of experience and skill, which can be deduced from the work experience and satisfaction of the clients. As a result, hair transplantation under the supervision of these specialists will be accompanied by complete satisfaction and desired and better results. Obviously, these doctors will be considered more expensive due to their expertise and skills.

Note that:

Never use the stated costs as a criterion for choosing your doctor. High prices, on their own, do not mean providing the best service and getting the best results. Same as a relatively low price which does not mean low quality work. Performing cosmetic procedures such as hair transplants requires great care in choosing a doctor and clinic. Before making any decision, you need to do some basic research on reputable clinics and the work experience of specialists working in those centers. Try to choose a clinic that, while having a good track record and good quality of service, also receives a reasonable cost.

Does Having a Proper Donor Area Affect the Cost of Hair Transplants?

Hair around the scalp is often used for hair transplants because the follicles in the scalp have different growth stages than body hair. Therefore, the hair source on the back and around the head is the best option for natural hair transplantation. However, if the applicant does not have healthy and suitable follicles in the back of the head for hair transplantation, another method of hair transplantation is applied. In this procedure, the doctor uses follicles in other areas, such as the beard or chest. Extracting follicles from other parts of the body will require more precision and skill. Therefore, the general planting procedure will be changed. These changes affect the cost of natural hair transplants.

The cost of Pre-Op consultation is another factor in the cost of natural hair transplants. Some clinics do not charge for pre-op hair transplantation, while others charge a fee for counseling sessions. In the counseling session, different hair transplant methods, costs, recovery period and any issues that are unclear to you will be stated.

So far, some factors affecting the cost of cosmetic hair transplantation have been explained. But many people believe that the cost of hair transplantation is only the salary of the doctor or the items mentioned. Another point to consider is the probable costs of recovery. The specialist will prescribe medication for you to make the pain tolerable and on the other hand to not suffer from complications such as infection. The cost of medicines should also be considered. Also, treatment of other possible complications, due to the lack of specialist skills and lack of self-care after implantation will be costly.

Post Operation Care Costs

After the hair transplant operation, some medications are recommended by your doctor. The use of these drugs is to relieve inflammation, heal wounds, and prevent possible infections. These painkillers cure pain in cases of mild headaches. A variety of painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are the three main groups of these drugs. On the other hand, strengthening the body is necessary for hair growth and development. Sometimes a person’s body becomes weak during recovery. In these cases, taking vitamin supplements and a complete diet are mandatory. In some cases, the client may experience side effects such as infection. As a result, there will be a need for drug treatment. Some doctors also recommend minoxidil for more hair growth after hair transplantation. Getting all these medications will require a significant amount of money that should be considered along with other natural hair transplant costs.

Do Insurance Companies Cover hair transplant Costs?

In general, insurance companies pay all or part of a person’s medical expenses in return for receiving annual expenses. But the problem is that insurance companies do not pay for hair transplants because hair transplants are not on the list of essential remedies. Except in special circumstances!

However, you can contact your sponsoring company to find out if your hair implant is covered by insurance. The reason for not accepting the costs of natural hair transplants is that it is not economically viable for insurance companies. Given the low cost that these companies receive for health care and the high cost of hair transplants, covering hair transplant costs is not profitable for them.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Helia Clinic?

As mentioned, various factors affect the price of hair transplants, and treatment centers set different costs throughout the year based on their approved protocols. You can call +971 56 100 3040 to find out the price of a hair transplant at Helia dermatologic Clinic.

You can find out the price of your hair transplant by visiting Helia Hair Transplant Center and consulting with the experienced specialists of this skin and hair clinic. Call +971 56 100 3040 for consultation.

You can also get online counseling through the online chat system of the website.

Hair and eyebrow transplants in this clinic are performed by the prominent doctor of the country, Dr. Hamid Reza Khorasani.

How much does a hair transplant cost in UAE (Dubai)?

The cost of hair transplantation in United Arab Emirates varies according to the doctor and his expertise and history, as well as the clinic of your choice; Therefore, for information about the cost of hair transplantation in Emirates (Dubai), according to the skills, equipment used and the method used in hair transplantation, please contact our consultants.

Does insurance cover hair transplant costs?

As hair transplants are a cosmetic procedure, they are not usually covered by any insurance; However, if a person claims to have special insurance that covers this cost, he must go to the insurance office and receive the mentioned money.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

The price of a hair transplant is basically determined by the number of hair grafts transplanted; The cost for each hair graft varies from person to person, and you may come across different prices by searching the internet; Therefore, it is better to see a doctor and determine the cost according to all the necessary criteria.

Is the price of hair transplantation on the front side of the head different from other areas?

Yes, people usually decide to have a hair transplant due to the thinning of the hair on the front of the head, and the goal is only to increase the density of hair on this part. This will result in fewer grafts; But when it comes to hair transplants in bald areas, the number of grafts increases and as a result, the cost will be higher.

Is the cost of hair transplants for women different from men’s?

Yes, the cost is different for men and women, because most men suffer from baldness for reasons such as heredity and they lose a lot of hair; But women suffer from low density due to factors such as breastfeeding, hair color, etc. and hereditary baldness is unlike in women. Therefore, the number of follicles required for hair transplantation in men is higher and as a result, will be more expensive.

Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani

Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani, a lecturer and specialist in hair and eyebrow transplantation, has an official degree from the International Association of Natural Hair Transplantation in Europe and Asia. The medical team under his supervision and several years of follow-up and attending training courses and seminars related to micrograft hair transplantation in Germany and Turkey succeeded in obtaining an official and approved certificate exclusively for the Helia dermatologic clinic and the entry of hair transplantation by micrograft method to Emirates. More than 15,000 successful hair and eyebrow transplants are one of his several successful work records.

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