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Most men and more than half of women experience hair loss with age. With this event, they will be looking for the latest hair transplant method to restore their beauty. In general, several specific diseases can lead to hair loss. But the most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, which is more commonly known as male pattern hair loss. Hair transplantation is a procedure in which hair follicles are removed from a part of the scalp (usually the back of the head or above the ear) and transplanted into the bald areas. The results of this method have been significantly improved since the first time in 1939.

Following this, every once in a while, a new hair transplant technology is officially introduced to the aspirants of this method. In this way, many beauty centers and clinics around the world train and use the latest hair transplant methods to serve the candidates of this method. At present, the micrograft (DHI) method is referred to as the newest method of hair implantation.

The two main methods of hair transplant are FUT and FUE, which have changed over time, and now micrograft (DHI) methods are very popular as newer hair transplant methods. In this article, Helia Dermatology Clinic intends to introduce the best and newest hair transplant method. In this regard, we are proud to announce that our group, with the presence of Dr. Khorasani is ready to perform the latest natural hair transplant method in Emirates (Dubai) and the world.

The latest Natural Hair Transplant Method in the World and Emirates (Dubai) (2023)

As mentioned, micrografts (DHI) are the latest known hair transplant methods in UAE (Dubai) and the world. To perform these two methods, advanced devices are used and therefore the speed, accuracy and finesse of the work increases. Both methods have the potential to provide natural and aesthetically pleasing results. The popularity of these new hair transplant methods has led beauty clinics to turn in this direction. In the following, we will introduce the latest natural hair transplant methods that have been introduced recently and are used in beauty clinics, especially Helia Dermatologic Clinic.

Origin of Hair Transplantation by Micrograft Method

Since hair loss problems have always existed, even in pre-modern times, experts began researching it so that they could find a cure for it. Meanwhile, a dermatologist named Norman Orentrick spent many years of his life researching and treating hair loss and eventually came up with a method for treating hair loss called punch grafting.

After that, many doctors were attracted to this method and started treatment with the help of this method. In this way, first, 4 mm hair roots were planted for the applicant. Over time, this method developed and had several branches. Experts have come to understand which areas of the head are stronger to receive hair follicles and can provide the best results.

Origin of Hair Transplantation by Micrograft Method
Origin of Hair Transplantation by Micrograft Method

Finally, after several trials, errors and studies, a new method was invented that could satisfy the experts and the applicant, and this method was called micrograft. One of the reasons for the popularity of the micrograft method is the better involvement of hair follicles and also its higher speed of action. Currently, the latest method of hair transplantation in United Arab Emirates is micrograft.

In the previous methods for natural hair transplantation, in addition to the longer duration, after the work was done, various scars remained, which caused dissatisfaction among the person and the doctor. But with the latest hair transplant method in Emirates, there is no need to worry about this issue because, in the new technology, the problem of scars does not occur. Before treatment, through a new method of natural hair transplantation in UAE (Dubai), specialist doctors check the required number of hair strands and then extract that number of hair follicles.

What is a Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplants and implants are a procedure in which a skilled and trained physician transfers hair from the back of the head, side of the head, or from the body to the bald area. This method is usually performed in a medical office under local anesthesia and is generally an outpatient surgery; This way, there is no need for complete anesthesia or hospitalization. New hair transplant methods in the world today have been enthusiastically welcomed by people and have given beauty to them. The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the most interesting and modern methods of hair transplantation, which has proven that both FUT and FUE are equally effective in treatment. Each of these methods in turn has a subset that we will refer to.

Hair Transplantation, History and Reasons

Almost all men and women experience hair loss with age, and others may lose their hair for reasons such as genetics, disease and accidents. For many years, having thick hair was like an unattainable dream in the minds of those who were deprived of this natural bliss. People with baldness or hair loss constantly used various herbal or chemical remedies to solve the problem, and almost none of these medications worked as well as they should, because the root cause of many hair loss was “hereditary.”

Hair Transplantation, History and Reasons
Hair Transplantation, History and Reasons

However, advances in medical science have led to the invention of amazing devices and methods for restoring hair to the head and face. In this way, many beauty clinics around the world, by training and using the latest hair transplant methods in the world, have started to serve the applicants of this method, who, ironically, report extraordinary results from doing so.

The Latest Hair Transplant Method in UAE (Dubai) (Micrograft)

Today, hair loss has become one of the problems that have affected many people. The problem is that people have low self-esteem due to baldness or lack of hair and cannot have a quality life.

Hair loss is now one of the increasing cosmetic problems in the world that affect a large number of people every year. In such situations, people lose their self-confidence due to baldness or lack of hair and cannot have a quality life.

Hair is one of the main points of every person’s beauty and you can feel the difference in the beauty of the person in many photos, before and after the operation. One of the treatments that specialist doctors have considered for these people is natural hair transplantation. There are several methods of natural hair transplantation and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. One of these methods is micrograft hair transplantation, which is a very suitable and desirable method and its potential risks are very low. On the other hand, this new method of hair transplantation offers the best results. Micrograft is the newest method of hair transplantation in Dubai. In hair implants by micrograft, the follicles of the more-growing areas of the head are extracted and then implanted to the areas that have lost hair.

This method does not limit anyone and is a desirable treatment method. In micrograft hair transplantation, the number of hair transplants on the front side of the head is less, to achieve a natural-looking. The micrograft method is such acceptable that it is currently used in more than 20 countries around the world. With the advancement of medical science in the field of hair transplantation, we are witnessing the fundamental progress of a method called natural hair transplantation Micrograft. This method has been approved by the FDA and CE Europe and was first evaluated in 2008 in Germany.

Differences Between Micrograft Technique and Other Methods

The natural micrograft implantation technique uses advanced devices that allow the physician to have complete control over the angulation, depth, and orientation of the implanted follicles. One of the advantages of this method is that the hair follicles are extracted along with special sebaceous glands, and in the end, all the necessary elements of the hair are preserved, and it will surely lead to a much better result. The choice of the right tool for each person is determined by the condition of his hair, as a result, the percentage of damage to the hair follicle is greatly reduced and ultimately increases the chances of success. The micrograft method has been used by many celebrities in Emirates and the world and they are all very satisfied.

Planting steps Advantages Disadvantages
1. Preparing the patient by applying local anesthesia and sterilizing the implant and hair donor areas Using one of the most advanced technologies in the world Feeling numb and tingling in the hair donor and hair transplant areas

2. Making linear holes in the hair bank area.


High success due to the minimal damage to the follicles during hair extraction and implantation

The possibility of itching on the scalp


3. Extraction of hair grafts with the help of special automatic devices High speed of work Possibility of feeling pain in the scalp in the first days
4. Preparation of extracted grafts Creating natural final results Prohibition of sports activities up to one month after hair transplantation
5. Making 1 mm holes in the areas to be implanted Achieving high-density hair The possibility of bruising and swelling in the head and forehead
6. Placement of hair grafts with the help of micro-implants in the holes
  1. Short recovery period
  2. No scarring and wounds
  3. not causing  deep and painful wounds

Hair Extraction Step in Micrograft Method

Automatic retainers in the micrograft method have higher accuracy than other retainers, up to 0.4 microns. This high accuracy coefficient increases the extraction of healthy grafts and will ultimately provide a better result.

Many specialist physicians have stated that the use of this method has significantly increased the satisfaction of applicants. Also, in cases where a combined micrograft is needed (in cases where the level of baldness is high or the roots at the site of extraction are weak), a plastic surgery method called Trichophytic Scarlett is used to remove hair. In the hair extraction stage, an anesthetic is used to reduce the pain.

Steps of Natural Hair Transplantation by Micrograft Method

Before any action, it is necessary to talk to the person and fully explain to him about the best method of hair transplantation. After going through the stages of checking the health of the person, scheduling and… it is time for the stage of hair implant.

Steps of Natural Hair Transplantation by Micrograft Method
Steps of Natural Hair Transplantation by Micrograft Method

For micrograft hair transplants, the head is first anesthetized using local anesthesia so that the person does not notice the very slight pain of the injection. Then, using special tools, they make holes of 1 mm on the bald or thin parts of the hair. The extracted hair grafts are then placed in the cavities created by the micro-implant device.

Micrograft Hair Transplantation for Men and Women

As mentioned earlier, natural hair transplantation is a treatment used to eliminate baldness or thinning hair. Baldness or thinning hair is much more common for men than women. Perhaps one of the reasons is the stress of work and life, which is mainly on men. Women have a much lower percentage of baldness than men, but the percentage of thinning hair in women is also significant.

In women, there is also the possibility of baldness due to issues such as chemotherapy, depression, hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation, physical changes during menopause. Finally, it should be mentioned that natural hair transplantation by micrograft method can be performed for men and women, and each of them undergoes its own treatment process depending on the diagnosis of the specialist.

Is micrograft hair transplantation the best method of hair transplantation?

It should be noted that there are different methods for hair transplantation, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The same variety of natural hair transplant methods confuses people as to which method to choose. Of course, we need to make a point. It is better to leave the choice of method completely to the specialist to choose an ideal method based on the type and strength of the donor area, the severity of baldness, your physical condition and your budget. Everyone is looking for the best hair transplant method to get the best results. It is necessary to know that various factors are effective in determining the best natural hair transplant method for a person. For example, the amount of fat in a person, the amount of baldness and even the quality of a person’s follicles are influential in this decision.

In some cases, depending on the individual’s condition, the specialist doctor will decide to use another method, regardless of the client’s opinion, and discuss this with him or her. You can contact Helia Dermatology Clinic for advice on how to determine the best way to transplant your hair. In general, considering the advantages of the micrograft method, it should be said that in fact, it is the best method of hair transplantation in Emirates and the world. In the following, we will tell you about some of the benefits of micrograft hair transplantation that make it superior to other methods.

Some Benefits of Micrograft Hair Transplants

  1. One of the advantages of this method is that the device, with the discretion of a specialist doctor, can extract hair from the donor area, up to twice as much as other methods and this can provide a fourfold and higher quality density at the desired part of the scalp, which will undoubtedly satisfy the doctor and the applicant.
  2. With hair transplantation by micrograft method, you will not see any mark at the donor and implanted area, one of the reasons is the use of a special device and the other is the skill of the doctor.
  3. The recovery period of the micrograft method is much shorter than other methods.
  4. Due to the performing stem cell technique, the hair that is implanted will grow faster and have a better thickness.
  5. Using a 3D laser device to measure the growth line according to the anatomy of a person’s face.
  6. Frontal anesthesia with a “Needle-Free Injection” device, which is completely painless, without needles and bleeding.
  7. Implantation of the growth hairline with an implant device or DHI, which is very natural and does not become like a doll hairline at all.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Method

DHI, or direct hair transplantation, is performed using Implanter devices. During this procedure, hair follicles are first extracted from the donor area using a pen-like tool and remain inside the device. The hair follicles are then implanted without making an incision at the bald area and by pressing the device piston. This method is also in the group of the latest hair implant method. During the DHI procedure, little bleeding occurs, the process progresses mechanized, and eventually, the cost will be higher.

The Latest Hair Transplant Methods in the World

Today, hair transplant innovations are developing day by day, so we see the introduction of different methods in the field of natural hair transplantation. The following is the latest hair transplant method:

  • SUT Hair Transplant Method

SUT is one of the new and hassle-free hair transplant methods that has become very popular today. It has not been long since SUT was introduced as one of the newest hair transplant methods in the world. In general, the SUT follows the FUE method, in which 3,500 to 10,000 hair follicles are extracted from the donor area (often back side of the head) by a new device, which is very suitable for the treatment of extensive baldness of the head.

With the SUT method, all the worries caused by the applicant’s stress for the side effects and the final effect of the implanted hair have been completely forgotten. This method is performed without manual intervention and under the careful supervision of a physician during the extraction and implantation steps; This feature also reduces the risk of human error and infection to zero. For this reason, the feedback of hair transplantation with this method has been very impressive and encouraging all over the world in a short period.

  • Micro FUT Hair Transplant Method

One of the best natural hair transplant methods that have achieved to gain a lot of fans among people in a very short time is the new method of micrograft hair transplantation. Micrografts or follicular transplants are a method of hair transplantation in areas of the head that have suffered from alopecia or severe hair loss. The main advantage of this method is that the person is the donor of the follicle, and during it, the least amount of wounds will be created, which can be easily hidden even with very short hair. In addition, during the micrograft hair transplant procedure, the hair follicles are extracted one by one, using a special electric holder; Therefore, the probability of human error is greatly reduced.

  • FUE Hair Transplant Method

High-density natural hair transplantation is one of the advantages of the FUE method and this method was introduced to eliminate the disadvantages of the FUT method and achieve similar results. This procedure involves extracting hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them in the bald areas. In this type of hair transplant, the follicles are removed directly without removing the skin layer. FUE is a new procedure that takes more time, causes less head injury, and ultimately leaves no crescent-shaped scar on the donor area. Needless to say, the recovery period will be shorter compared to the methods followed by the FUT method.

  • Neo Graft Hair Transplant Method

Neograft is a subset of the FUE method; however, this method has a shorter operating time, less injury, and a larger number of transplanted follicles compared to the FUE method. The advantage of this method is that not only does it not leave scars, but it will have very natural results. The question of which method works best requires the opinion of experts. Therefore, for natural hair transplant consultation and choosing the best hair transplant method, you can refer to Helia Dermatologic Center.

  • Hair Transplant Method by Intelligent Robot

Smart robot hair transplant is an advanced and minimally invasive method that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide accurate, permanent and natural results without leaving a linear scar. Using advanced image-guided robotics, the best grafts can be extracted from the donor site and then accurately grafted in the final area. The results and durability of the hair implanted by the robot are amazing and you can enjoy your thick hair for the rest of your life. This device performs the traditional method of hair transplantation with the same density and result (even much higher quality) and uses artificial intelligence only instead of human hands.

  • Stem Cell Hair Transplant Method

Stem cell hair transplantation is similar to traditional hair transplantation, but instead of extracting a large number of hair follicles for transplantation into the bald area, a small sample of skin containing hair follicles is removed and then the follicles are propagated in the laboratory. After creating several hair follicles, at a proper time, they are implanted in the scalp by the specialist. Therefore, no large scars will remain on the head and there will be no bleeding or bruising. Researchers have high hopes for this method, and many studies have shown that in the near future, stem cell hair transplants can be available to the public as the best natural hair transplant method, especially for those who do not have a proper donor area.

  • BHT Method

People with thin hair usually do not have full and large follicular resources to extract and implant to the thin areas on the back of their heads, so hair transplantation may not work on them. Of course, thanks to the introduction of the BHT method or hair transplantation using body hair, these people can benefit from hair transplantation well and with a high probability of success (about 80%). This method gives people the opportunity, in addition to not using the hair follicles on the back of their heads, but also to leave no scar lines on their heads as a result of this method. In general, our medical team, with the presence of Dr. Khorasani, performs several methods in Helia Dermatologic Clinic to transplant follicles between a person’s hair, and the result of these efforts will be the thickening of the hair.

Advantages of Hair Transplant Methods

  1. Since the latest natural hair transplant methods use advanced tools, so not only has the work speed increased but also the accuracy has increased and the least medical error occurs during the work. Therefore, the health of the follicles is maintained and on the other hand, you will get the best results.
  2. It is interesting to know that some of these tools allow you to do mustache, beard and eyebrow hair implants in addition to your head.
  3. Newer hair transplants are the least invasive of the skin, so the number of scars and the risk of scarring and infection are greatly reduced.
  4. Also, the use of advanced technologies in new hair transplant methods makes hair growth look natural after implantation.
  5. Due to the high accuracy of the new methods of natural hair transplantation, the follicles are extracted as much as required and supernumerary extraction is prevented. Because it is very important to maintain the power of the hair resources in the body.

Latest Hair Transplant Methods in Helia Dermatologic Clinic

We tried to comprehensively explain the best and newest hair transplant methods in Emirates and the world. However, our suggestion for choosing the best method is to talk and consult in person with a specialist doctor. You can contact the phone numbers available on the website to know the costs of different hair transplant methods and also to book an appointment. Our consultants will answer all your questions and ambiguities.

We first talked about the history of the micrograft method and then described the extraction and transplantation steps. We then stated that this method is the same for men and women. And we explained the reasons why it is the best hair transplant method in UAE (Dubai). Finally, we would like to point out that hair transplantation by micrograft method in Helia specialized clinic is performed by Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani and his experienced team.

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