Cost of Hair Transplants for Women

Hair transplantation is a very effective way to stop hair loss and baldness. There are several ways to do this, each of which has some benefits that can vary from person to person. One of the most important issues that come to mind before deciding to have a hair transplant and choosing the right method is the cost of hair transplantation. To determine the exact cost of hair transplantation, there are several factors, each of which must be examined separately by a doctor and then the price of the work must be determined. Since women are one of the main candidates for hair transplants, in this article we are going to talk about the cost of hair transplants for women.

Helia Specialized Clinic of Hair and Eyebrow will accompany all people who want to use any of these methods, using the latest equipment and methods of hair transplantation and specialized and experienced medical staff. For more information about the details of the work and the cost of hair transplants for women in Helia Dermatologic Clinic, you can contact our experts.

How much does a hair transplant cost for women?

Hair transplants can be an excellent treatment for hair loss that helps you have thick and beautiful hair. Hair implants are one of the best cosmetic surgeries performed by new and advanced methods, and the cost varies from person to person. For example, do you know how much a hair transplant costs for women? When you see a specialist, you will be examined in the first stage so that the specialist doctor can give you accurate and definite opinions about this operation as well as the cost of the work.

A thorough hair examination will determine the number of grafts needed for a hair transplant. Accordingly, the cost of labor for each person is specific to him. It can be said that the cost of hair transplants for women is not much different from men. Some people think that hair transplantation is a phenomenon that is dedicated to men.

Perhaps the reason for this general perception is that most hair transplant advertisements use the image of men with the terms before and after surgery. In addition, there has been a lot of talk about male celebrities’ hair transplants over the years, but few people have paid attention to famous women’s hair transplants because normally they prefer not to share this fact with their fans.

How much does a hair transplant cost for women?

The truth is that women, just like men, can have hair transplants without any problems. Just as hair loss occurs in both genders, hair transplants can be performed in both men and women.

Hair transplant method

Hair transplant steps


  1. Preparing the applicant
  2. Extraction of the required follicles with the help of a special device by making incisions in the dimensions of 1 mm
  3. Preparation of the extracted follicles
  4. Implantation of follicles with the help of a device by making a thin incision in the bald area of the head


  1. Preparing the applicant
  2. Creating linear holes in the hair donor area
  3. Extraction of hair grafts with the help of automatic holders in micron size
  4. Make thin holes of 1 mm in the desired areas for hair transplantation
  5. Implantation of the extracted grafts, using a micro implant device into the holes created in the previous step.


  1. Preparing the applicant
  2. Extraction of follicles required for implantation from the hair source by cutting
  3. Stitch incisions created in the hair bank
  4. Precise separation of follicles extracted from the strip with the help of advanced and accurate microscopes
  5. Making small holes with a drill in the desired areas for hair transplantation
  6. Placing the prepared follicles inside the holes manually by a specialist doctor
  7. Apply dressing if needed


  1. Preparing the applicant
  2. Extraction of hair follicles with the help of a tool called punching machine that creates millimeter wounds in the hair source.
  3. Washing and preparing the extracted follicles for implantation
  4. Implantation of follicular units at the appropriate angle and depth manually by a specialized physician in this field

Of course, most people who go to clinics for hair transplants are usually men. This is because men generally struggle with hair loss more than women, but many women undergo natural hair transplants each year and leave the procedure behind. Hair transplantation is not a masculine operation, and any person, regardless of gender, may perform it at some point in their life.

For information about the price of your hair transplant, you can contact the consultants of Helia Dermatology and Hair Clinic for free through the number +971 56 100 3040. Also, share all your questions about hair transplants and other beauty services with us via WhatsApp messenger at +971 56 100 3040.

The price of women’s hair transplants depends on many factors. Because of this, prices will vary from person to person. Among the most important factors in determining the price of women’s hair transplants are:

– Hair Source Status

In order to have a successful and desirable hair transplant, you must have a healthy hair source. Unfortunately, some people have a weak hair source, which makes it more difficult for the doctor. Therefore, the cost of hair transplantation will be high.

– Hair Transplant Method

Another factor influencing the cost of women’s hair transplants is the method chosen to perform hair transplants. Hair implant methods have different prices depending on the technique and skill they need. The more up-to-date the hair transplant method, the higher the cost.

– Extent of Baldness

The cost of hair transplants for women will vary depending on the volume of hair loss. The greater the number of follicles needed to achieve the ideal result, the higher the price.

– Physician’s Wage

Every doctor considers a different price for his work. The salary of specialized and experienced doctors is usually higher than that of non-professionals and beginners. So choosing a doctor will have a huge impact on the cost of your work.

– Cost Related to Clinic Services

Different services are offered in different clinics. These services affect the quality of hair transplant operations. This is what causes clients to face different prices. We suggest you be careful in choosing the clinic and never prefer the low cost of work to its quality.

Helia Beauty Clinic is proud to use the best and latest hair transplant techniques at a reasonable cost to accompany its clients.

Is the cost of hair transplants for women different from men’s?

As mentioned, the cost of women’s hair transplants depends on several factors. But the question that arises is whether the cost of working under the same conditions is different for men and women or not? In answer to this question, it should be said that the difference in hair transplant prices between men and women is very small, so candidates with different genders in the same situation will not see such a price difference.

Is the cost of hair transplants for women different from men's?

Does the cost of hair transplants for women include insurance?

No, since hair transplantation is in the category of cosmetic surgery, its costs are not covered by insurance. As a result, the candidate for a natural hair transplant must bear all the relevant costs. If the person feels that hair transplantation is a special condition for him, he can discuss the matter with the relevant insurance company and be informed of the details of the work.

Implanted hair does not fall out again due to its durability. However, with post-transplant care, you can go a long way in creating satisfaction for the final result of your hair transplant. Since the cost of cosmetic procedures for people is not covered by insurance, people who are applying for hair transplants should pay attention to this point in the first place.

In fact, hair transplants are done at self-funds and the insurance does not pay for hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures. In some cases, there may be exceptions to hair transplants that are covered by health insurance. If the hair falls or baldness has occurred due to burns or trauma, the insurance can pay the necessary coverage for the repair of these areas of the head.

Solutions to Reduce the Cost of Hair Transplants for Women

The cost of hair transplantation is affected by various parameters, each of which was explained separately above. Therefore, to reduce the cost of hair transplantation in women, we should focus on changing each of the above. For example, new hair transplant methods will require high costs due to the use of advanced equipment. As a result, hair transplant candidates can greatly reduce the cost by choosing older methods. Also, the fees of doctors and clinics are different and you can find a cheap clinic to do this.

However, since the quality of work is very important, it is strongly recommended that you prioritize the quality over the price.

For many women, life without long, wavy hair will be difficult, but overall, hair transplants, with their cost and side effects, can never be considered a simple and completely painless task. This is a big change, and of course, a relatively large price must be paid to achieve it. Of course, this money is paid only once, but the transplanted hair always stays with the person.

Do women need to shave their hair for a hair transplant?

Usually, one of the biggest and most annoying challenges of hair transplantation, especially for women, is shaving hair before implantation. As you know, hair has a huge impact on the appearance of people and women are very sensitive to this issue. A recurring question from the applicants of Helia Dermatologic Clinic is whether it is necessary to shave all our hair before hair transplantation? The good news is that there is no need to do this! Our medical team at Helia Dermatology and Hair Center shaves only a part of your back to make it easier for Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani to extract healthy hair follicles. However, you can cover the shaved parts with your existing hair or use hair prostheses for a certain period of time.

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