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Dangerous Side Effects of Hair Transplants in Short and Long term

Dangerous Hair Transplant Side Effects

In this article, we are going to talk about the side effects of natural hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from a part of the patient’s head and implanted at the bald spot. Hair transplantation has different stages; In the meantime, some possible complications may occur. However, when a cosmetic operation is performed, it is normal if some complications of hair transplantation are seen.

What Are the Side Effects of Hair Transplants in Men and Women?

Each cosmetic procedure, in addition to its benefits, may also cause some side effects of hair transplantation; Keep in mind that some complications, such as mild pain, are quiet normal and may occur after a normal hair transplant. Therefore, it is necessary to express some points regarding the complications after hair transplantation.

What Are the Risks and Side Effects of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation has very few side effects and is relatively safe. Of course, some of the dangers of natural hair transplants can overshadow a person’s life in any way. Due to the advancement of science and medical devices, hair transplantation is also evolving in parallel with this development because natural hair transplantation is a relatively new method and art and therefore there are still a lot of possibilities for improvement. Of course, so far, this cosmetic procedure has been able to bring more natural results for people.

As we mentioned, natural hair transplantation is also a type of surgery, and for this reason, you may experience complications after the operation, but these risks are reduced at Helia Dermatologic Clinic. The rate of complications of natural hair transplantation largely depends on the skill of the specialist doctor in Helia specialized clinic. This means that the more skilled and experienced the surgeon is, the more the risk of complications decreases, and the likelihood of complications will be almost zero. A good and experienced surgeon should be well aware of the possible complications and the methods of dealing with them so that he can eliminate the complications after natural hair transplantation by diagnosing the correct treatment method.

Most complications are preventable, and if the correct surgical procedure is used and the doctor’s instructions regarding post-operative care are followed, the possibility of their occurrence is greatly reduced. To prevent the applicant from being dissatisfied with the postoperative results, the specialist doctor at Helia Dermatologic Clinic will talk to them about the same complications before the hair transplant operation.

Introducing the Complications of Natural Hair Transplantation

In general, the complications of natural hair transplantation can be divided as follows:

  1. Anesthesia

At the beginning of the work, the desired areas of the hair donor and the hair transplant are anesthetized locally. The body’s reactions to anesthetics are generally divided into four categories:

  1. Toxic
  2. Psychological
  3. Special
  4. Allergic

Of course, it should be noted that most of the side effects of local anesthesia are related to the psychological category, ie fear, and it is less common for the client to react negatively to the anesthetic liquid. But for more reassurance of the doctor of Helia specialized clinic and also the applicant, before injecting the anesthetic fluid, some of the substance is tested inside the arm so that in case of no allergies or complications of hair transplantation, the doctor can confidently continue to use the tested fluid for local anesthesia.

possible complications of Hair Transplantation

  1. Complications of hair transplantation during the operation

In some natural hair transplant methods, capillaries may rupture and light bleeding may occur due to incisions in the hair donor areas. Capillary rupture is usually transient, but for people with heart disease, it can be dangerous, so it cannot be ignored. For this reason, all patients, especially those aged 40 and older, have an ECG taken before the operation and then the applicant is examined by a specialist doctor in Helia Dermatology Clinic. For more assurance, people’s blood pressure and heart rate levels are checked regularly at all stages, especially during the operation and during anesthesia.

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  1. Complications after hair transplantation

. The pain

Pain during and after surgery is a quiet natural complication that can be greatly controlled and reduced by appropriate surgical methods and the use of analgesics.

. Itching

Itching is also a common complication, caused by dryness and scaling of the scalp. This complication can also be controlled by washing your head and using shampoos or sprays such as saline and…, which, of course, are prescribed by a specialist.

. Hiccups or coughs

Other complications of hair transplantation that are very rare include coughing and hiccups. But as this complication may last for 2 to 3 days, it cannot be ignored.

. Infection

Topical infections can occur in both the recipient and the donor area. Infection in these areas is so rare that the probability of its occurrence is almost zero. If hygiene protocols are followed well during work and after hair transplants, there is no need to worry about infection.

. Scar

One of the complications of natural hair transplantation is scarring, but by using the appropriate surgical method and depending on the experience of the doctor, the possibility of this complication can be largely prevented.

. Bleeding

This complication may occur up to about 2 weeks after surgery. Ways to reduce the incidence of bleeding depend largely on the individual. In other words, you should refrain from engaging in dangerous activities such as smoking, drinking alcohol, putting pressure on your head, and so on.

. Hair loss

From the third week after hair transplantation, some implanted hairs may start to fall out. This is normal because the transplanted follicles have entered a resting phase, but if it intensifies, you should inform a specialist.

Comparison of Hair Transplant Complications in Men and Women

Each cosmetic operation, in addition to its benefits, may also cause some side effects. This rule also applies to natural hair transplants. Of course, at the very beginning of the article, let us note that there is no difference between the complications of hair transplantation in men and women, and they can happen to anyone. Keep in mind that some complications, such as mild pain, are perfectly normal and may occur after a normal hair transplant. Due to the importance of awareness about the risks and complications after natural hair transplantation, they are going to be explained in detail in the rest of this article.

In women, due to hormonal disorders and anemia, hair nutrition may not be appropriate in all areas, so the possibility of hair loss after implantation will be higher. Therefore, the physician must be careful enough in this regard. In most cases, women who have undergone natural hair transplant surgery by an experienced doctor are very satisfied with the results of their operation. The complications of hair transplantation in men and women are almost the same, and in women, some complications such as hair loss may be exacerbated due to hormonal interactions or anemia.

What Are the Causes of These Side Effects?

The main occurrence of complications after hair transplantation is due to the non-observance of the necessary points by the doctor and the applicant. Therefore, be careful in choosing your doctor and clinic. You can benefit from the skills of Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani in the field of hair transplantation and get the best results in Helia Hair and Skin Clinic and identify this potential in yourself if you are able to do the necessary care before and after the surgery.

For example, one of the points that a person should observe is to sleep in a position that the head is at a 45-degree angle to the body. Are you willing to rest like this at night?

What Are the Ways of Preventing Hair Transplant Complications?

Factors that influence the results of hair transplant to be successful include:

  1. The skill and delicacy of the hair transplant doctor
  2. Quality of services provided by the clinic
  3. Pre- and post-op care

Minimize the possibility of complications of natural hair transplantation by choosing Helia specialized clinic. Some complications of hair transplantation, such as infections, occur either due to non-observance of hygienic instructions by the physician or due to improper observance of the necessary points by the person. To prevent complications after natural hair transplantation, each person should go to a consultation session with their doctor in Helia specialized clinic separately and during that session, all the necessary points for performing pre-and post-operative work should be explained to the client.

General Complications Complications of the FUE Method Complications of the FUT Method Complications at the grafted area
Sensitivity to the anesthetic Thinning of the hair donor Occurrence of bleeding Weak growth line
Intraoperative complications Follicular burial due to the depth of implantation Inflammation of the follicles Doll hair form
Pain Scar formation Long pain High swelling at the grafted area
Itching Increased follicle extraction Continued anesthesia Shocked Hair Fall
Dermatitis Bleeding of sutures
Inflammation of the skin Scaring on the hair extraction strip
Necrosis and infection

Conclusions About the Complications After Hair Transplantation

Conclusions About the Complications After Hair Transplantation

In this article, all the complications of hair transplantation are stated for all people, and also the reasons for the occurrence of each of the complications of hair transplantation are explained, and in the following, the ways to prevent the occurrence of complications of natural hair transplantation are stated. Finally, we introduced a skilled doctor named Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani to you, so that you wouldn’t about the complications.

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