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Hair Transplant in Turkey (Highest Density) – Cost 2023

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey, like many other countries, is done with different methods. This type of cosmetic surgery requires high experience and knowledge of the use of new techniques in the hair transplant process in order to achieve the best results. Turkey is known as one of the desired destinations for beauty seekers all over the world for hair transplants. Many hair transplant clinics in this country offer beauty services to their customers. It is better to get enough information about the different methods used in this country before proceeding with hair transplantation.

How to Transplant Hair in Turkey?

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is in the form of transplanting the person’s natural hair to the desired areas. In fact, in order to perform a hair transplant, it is necessary to take the follicles from the appropriate hair donor area located in the hairy part of the person’s head. If the head hair bank is not suitable, hair from other parts of the body can be used for transplantation. Of course, the methods of hair transplant are different and in order to use body hair, special techniques must be used so that the result of hair transplant is obtained favorably. By visiting the Helia clinic in Turkey, you can benefit from the specialized services provided in the field of hair transplantation in this center.

types of hair transplant in turkey

Types of Hair Transplant Methods in Turkey

Hair transplant methods in Turkey have a high diversity. Considering the condition of the person and examining the condition of his hair, a suitable method can be suggested. Among the common methods of hair transplantation in Turkey are:

  1. Micrograft hair transplant
  2. SUT hair transplant
  3. DHI hair transplant
  4. FUT hair transplant
  5. FUE hair transplant

Some hair transplant methods in Turkey are performed using modern devices and special methods. The type of method selected for implantation depends on several factors, one of the most important of which is the person’s expectation of the result of hair transplantation.

Micrograft Hair Transplant

Micrograft hair transplantation is one of the types of hair transplantation methods in Istanbul-Turkey, which is performed using advanced equipment. In fact, all work steps in this method are done in a modern way, which is associated with a high density of implanted follicles. In fact, the micrograft method is known as one of the newest and most practical methods of hair transplantation in the world, and in order to improve the result of this process in an optimal way, there is a need to use precise tools. In this way, the damage resulting from hair transplantation or bleeding in the process of hair transplant surgery will be reduced to the minimum possible level. One of the important advantages of using the micrograft method for hair transplantation is that the resulting wounds heal quickly and the person can return to his normal life in a short period of time. The extraction of high-quality follicles and minimal invasiveness are among the things that have made this method popular for hair transplant candidates.

SUT Hair Transplant

The SUT method in hair transplantation is a process in which a special device is used to remove the follicles in the best possible way. In fact, in this technique, the extraction of follicles can be done by suction and the resulting cuts for hair transplantation are made using a punch. The use of this method requires high skill and the surgeon must be able to place the follicle correctly and carefully in a certain layer of the skin so that the resulting follicles are not lost. Planting a large number of grafts in one session is one of the important advantages of using the SUT method. The high speed of operation in this method makes for a successful result because there is human intervention during the work steps and the faster the implantation speed is, the fewer follicles that remain outside the body will be lost. The more skilled the surgeon is in this method, the more natural the growth line can be seen. SUT hair transplant is minimally invasive, and pain and bleeding will be as minimal as possible.

dhi hair transplant in turkey

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplantation is known as one of the methods of hair transplantation in Turkey, which is actually a non-invasive method. DHI hair transplantation is a corrective method compared to the FUE method, which can be used as a guaranteed method. In fact, one of the most important points about the DHI method is the use of a special tool that allows the surgeon to complete the work with high precision and achieve a quick result of hair transplantation. In this method, hair transplantation is done directly and the extracted follicles are transplanted without delay and directly in the desired area. Scratching is done at the same time as the grafts are planted using a pen-like device and does not leave any kind of scar on the head. This method is performed under local anesthesia and the density of hair created by it is satisfactory for the person. The DHI method can be performed in one session and is not a suitable method for people with extensive baldness.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant or strip hair removal is one of the methods that require high expertise and skill of the surgeon. In this way, the follicles must be carefully planted in their place so that the least amount of wound remains on the head. This method is non-invasive and is performed on an outpatient basis, and its use in certain areas of the head that have become thin and on top of the head can lead to hair restoration. The hairs used for transplantation in the FUT method must be permanent and strong, which will ultimately reduce the loss of extracted hair to the lowest possible level. The incisions made in the back of the head are small and the recovery speed is high. The number of follicles and the position they are placed on the head for transplantation can indicate the final quality. In fact, the FUT implantation method is like the process of natural hair growth and finally, the result obtained from it will be seen completely “naturally”.

FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE method is one of the methods that have a short recovery period and can be performed during one session. By proper examination of the hair by the relevant surgeon, the good hair donor area, hair growth line and the exact place of implantation can be determined. In this method, local anesthesia is used and the hair on the back or side of the head is used as a hair bank. After extracting follicles and keeping them in a special place, grafts will be implanted. In fact, one of the most important things that should be considered by the surgeon in FUE implantation is the angle and direction of growth of the implanted hair. This method is not suitable for people who have extensive baldness, and the number of grafts that are selected for transplantation is less than the new methods.

Since advanced devices are not used in this method, the duration of surgery requires more time. Unlike the FUT method, the follicles extracted in the FUE method are individual and the result is more natural. People with weak hair banks can choose the FUE method for hair transplantation.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey-Istanbul Clinic

The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey, Istanbul

The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Istanbul, using new methods and advanced devices, can achieve favorable results for candidates. In fact, by performing hair transplantation in a reputable clinic, the complications caused by this process have reached the minimum possible level and the density of the resulting hair is associated with a satisfactory result. In a reputable clinic, you can be sure of the high skill and expertise of the relevant surgeons for hair transplantation.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey will be determined according to several factors. These factors include:

  1. The number of grafts that are harvested for transplantation.
  2. The complexity of the surgery and the type of hair transplant method chosen
  3. The level of skill of the surgeon
  4. The salary that the doctor receives for hair transplantation
  5. The selected city and clinic are among the important factors in determining the cost of the hair transplant process in Turkey.
  6. The services offered as a hair transplant package are among the things that can affect the final cost.
  7. Carrying out the necessary tests to check the physical condition of the person and the examinations performed by the doctor also have different costs that are effective in determining the final cost.
  8. As much as the hair transplant is done with more advanced and modern devices, it will have a higher cost.

Of course, it should also be noted that the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey includes travel and accommodation costs in this country. The cost of planting and staying in different cities is different. It is necessary to consult with the relevant surgeon in the consultation sessions related to your hair transplantation so that the most appropriate method can be suggested to you before proceeding with hair transplantation in Turkey.

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