treatment for thinning and sparse hair

Having beautiful and thick hair and an attractive face and appearance is the dream of every man and woman. But many people suffer from hair loss for various reasons such as genetics, wrong lifestyle, certain diseases, etc. Fortunately, it is possible to repair sparse hair in men and women with the help of existing hair transplant methods, and people can choose one of them according to their circumstances and regain their beautiful and desired appearance.

Sparse and thinning hair restorations in beauty clinics are performed by a specialist doctor. Those who are interested in such works can go to Helia Dermatologic Clinic and use the latest and most effective methods to treat their sparse hair.

Choosing a reputable clinic and a suitable doctor in this field has a very high impact on the outcome of the work and the number of possible side effects. If you also have thinning and weak hair and you are thinking of a solution, it is better to read this article to get acquainted with the most effective solutions and methods for this purpose and get the necessary information before doing anything.

Is it possible to repair sparse hair?

Having thick and beautiful hair is definitely the desire of many people because in today’s world, especially in the fashion and beauty industry, having thick and stylish hair is considered a criterion of beauty and attractiveness. This factor has led to the repair of thinning hair and it is specifically welcomed by people who have recently suffered from hair loss. In fact, natural hair transplantation will be a very effective and useful solution.

Hair transplant methods are constantly evolving, and the capabilities gained today in this field are not comparable to a decade ago. Hair transplantation was previously a rare operation at a very high cost and not everyone could afford such a procedure, but now this phenomenon has become widespread and different people around the world with different social and financial conditions can get hair implants.

Hair loss at the end of youth is very worrying for people who suffer from this problem. But hair loss is no longer a permanent complication because you can get rid of this new concern forever by having your hair repaired or transplanted, and you can have an attractive face.

For information about the price of your hair transplant, you can contact the consultants of Helia Dermatology and Hair Clinic for free through the number +971 56 100 3040. Also, share all your questions about hair transplants and other beauty services with us via WhatsApp messenger at +971 56 100 3040.

Is hair transplantation only for bald people?

Having thick hair is definitely a special advantage for people who naturally have it. People with sparse hair or bald hair do not have enough self-confidence to attend meetings. Most people think that natural hair transplants are only suitable for bald people, but many people do not know that it is possible to repair thinning hair with various hair transplant methods.

Is hair transplantation only for bald people

In general, hair transplantation is easier for people with sparse hair than for bald people. Also, treating sparse hair of the head will give better and faster results. It is enough to find a professional specialist to be sure of the quality of his work. In this case, do not doubt that if you take post-implant hair care seriously, you will definitely get good results.

Advantages and Usages of Hair Transplants for People with Sparse Hair

There are several benefits to doing hair restoration for people with thinning hair, and knowing these tips will definitely have a huge impact on choosing hair transplantation as a solution for thinning hair:

  1. One of the main and important advantages of hair transplantation is to get rid of ugly and unpleasant hair and turn it into thick and attractive hair. After the hair transplant, the hair grows uniform and tidy, and there will be no difference between the implanted hair and the natural hair so that it will not be notable to the audience.
  2. Hair transplantation is much cheaper for people with sparse hair than other similar methods to increase hair thickness. There are many chemical and herbal remedies on the market to strengthen and thicken hair, but none of them have definite results and will not have a final result in the short term. Of course, these drugs may have limited and apparent results in the short term, but they can practically never be used as a final and permanent way to treat thinning hair. People who have this problem, instead of going to ineffective solutions, should look for a permanent solution for their hair loss, and hair restoration is a suitable and guaranteed solution.
  3. Usually for people who have thinning hair and somehow suffer from hair loss, hair transplantation can certainly have a significant impact on their mood and mentality towards themselves, which will ultimately increase a person’s self-confidence. In such situations, these people constantly have to face the jokes and taunts of others, and planting can end these jokes forever.
  4. After hair transplantation, implanted hair, like other hairs, will have a normal growth process and does not require strict maintenance and care. Even after a while, the person may forget that one day he or she had sparse hair and has done hair transplantation. This is one of the most important features of hair transplantation.

How to repair thinning hair using hair transplants?

At present, as medical science and related technologies have advanced significantly and have a very rapid upward trend, over time, several types and methods of hair transplants for sparse hair have been developed, but only a handful of them are approved and performed by doctors in the world. In general, there are two methods for hair restoration, and doctors mainly use one of these two methods for hair transplantation:

1- Hair Transplantation with FUT Method

In this procedure, the doctor, after anesthetizing the hair source or the donor area of the follicle and sterilizing it, will use a surgical razor to cut off a thin strip, a few centimeters long, from the hair donor area. The extracted strip is then divided into smaller pieces and ready for planting in the sparse area. Tiny holes are then made at the graft area and follicles are placed in them. Eventually, the graft area will be bandaged.

2- Hair restoration with FUE method

To perform this procedure, after injecting a local anesthetic into the target area and sterilizing it, the doctor carefully extracts the hair follicles using a special tool and prepares them for implantation in the sparse area. The rest of the steps are not different from the above method and the doctor will perform all the steps of the above method exactly for hair transplantation.

Before the operation, the doctor will explain which method he chose for the person and what was the main reason for this choice. In fact, several factors affect this choice, all of which are related to the individual and the condition and quality of his hair. It is probable that two people with almost the same condition go to the doctor but finally two completely different methods are selected to repair their hair. This depends on the condition and patterns of their hair.

Extraction and Plantation Steps


  1. Photographing and drawing the pattern at the source and implantation area
  2. Local anesthesia and sterilization of the hair donor area
  3. Extraction of live hair follicles, one by one, using a punch
  4. Placing hair follicles in a special liquid solution
  5. Making micro-holes with a drill in the graft area
  6. Implantation of live and healthy hair follicles at the graft area
  7. The final disinfection of the scalp

Advantages of FUE hair transplantation


  1. Achieving completely natural results
  2. The possibility of hair growth
  3. Permanent method and superiority to other beauty methods such as extensions
  4. No need to cut the scalp at the hair source
  5. Using a round punch to extract the follicles from the hair donor
  6. Short recovery period

Disadvantages of FUE hair restoration


  1. High price
  2. The possibility of damaging the hair roots when extracting with a punch
  3. Long work process
  4. The need to the haircut of the whole head

Is hair transplantation the best solution for people with sparse hair?

Some people who are concerned about severe hair loss prefer to go for quick fixes such as wigs, extensions and artificial hair in general. Access to such methods may be very simple and does not require care and time, but the truth is that wigs and extensions can never replace real hair for people. In these cases, hair transplantation is much more suitable for people with sparse hair.

A person who insists on wearing a wig may get into trouble in certain weather conditions or lose his wig as suddenly as possible at a party. The person doing the extensions also gets new hair only temporarily, and often others simply understand his secret. But hair restoration and transplantation is a definite, permanent and very effective solution. This may be a little more time-consuming and costly than the simpler methods, but we must not forget that the result of a hair implant is very attractive and impressive and definitely worth the patience and expense.

Is hair transplantation the best solution for people with sparse hair?

Some people give up in any situation and never take a step forward to get better and look better. Others, however, use all possible means to make themselves look more attractive.

Hair transplantation for this second group seems to be a suitable and ideal option to get rid of thinning hair or baldness. Some people may do this for the sake of their spouse or family members, but it is important to practice self-love, and having new, thick hair can be a step to that aim.

Under what conditions can hair transplants be used to repair sparse hair?

Hair transplantation in one of the beauty centers or clinics does not require special conditions, and in general, hair transplantation for thinning hair is one of the simplest beauty procedures. Many cosmetic surgeries may have certain pains and complications, and in some cases, even endanger the health of the individual, but there is no particular concern about hair restoration or transplantation, and this operation is usually free from any slight or serious problem.

Usually, before a natural hair transplant, a specialist in a pre-op consultation examines different areas of the hair and talks to the applicant about his or her expectations. Also in this session, the doctor will check the appropriate hair sources of the body for hair transplantation.

Pre-op consultation for a sparse hair transplant is necessary for a person. Anyone who wants to do this should ask their doctor all the important questions beforehand. In this case, the details may also be important. Hair loss basically occurs with a specific pattern and the restoration process should be based on the same pattern.

Your doctor will also warn you that if you use to smoke or drink alcohol, you must leave it for two weeks before and after your operation. In addition, if you are taking certain medications, you should inform your doctor so that he or she is aware of them and temporarily prohibits their use if necessary.

The Best Way to Treat Thinning Hair

Do you want to find the best way to treat thinning and thinning hair? The first thing you need to do is consult a dermatologist. They can find out what causes your hair loss and by considering them, can recommend the best treatment options that are suitable for you. In general, hair transplantation is the most effective, lasting and best way to treat thinning hair and it can give you lifelong results and give your face a youthful appearance.

For a hair implant, you need an experienced doctor and a well-equipped, hygienic and safe clinic. After selecting a hair source and performing anesthesia, the doctor will extract the hair follicles one by one (FUE or FIT) or a strip of skin (FUT method) from a specific part of your scalp or body. Thick and strong follicles are then carefully grafted to sparse or bald areas at appropriate intervals. According to the reports and experiences of doctors and applicants, this process takes between 4 to 8 hours. You should talk to a dermatologist to find out if this treatment is suitable for you.

Other Clinical Treatments for Sparse Hair

Here are some of the most effective treatments for thinning hair:

1- Scalp Micro-Needling: According to credible source articles, the use of scalp Micro-Needling (a device with hundreds of tiny needles that scratches the scalp) can help hair regrowth. The American Academy of Dermatology recognizes that if micro-needling is used in conjunction with another hair loss treatment by a trained physician, can have much better function. To use this treatment, you first need to consult a dermatologist because they can tell you if this method is safe for you.

2- Low-level laser therapy: Research shows that this type of treatment on the scalp may help improve and even treat the following conditions:

  • Hair loss with male pattern and female pattern
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Hair loss due to medications such as chemotherapy
  • Improve and grow hair after hair transplantation

You may need low-level laser therapy several times a week for several months (before you notice severe hair loss).

3- Platelet-rich plasma or PRP: In this method, a dermatologist takes some of your blood and places it in a device called a centrifuge, which separates the plasma. It then injects plasma into areas of your scalp where your hair has begun to fall out and become thinner. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the entire procedure takes about 10 to 30 minutes. Most people do this treatment once a month for 3 months and subsequent treatment sessions are done once every 3 to 6 months and continue until the person’s hair has reached an acceptable density.

4- Hair Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is a very effective and painless technique to reduce hair loss. Medical tests show that the chance of regrowth using mesotherapy is about 60%, while the use of minoxidil or finasteride has a 12% chance of success. Since these two techniques are compatible, it is recommended that you use a combination of them for the desired result.

You can find out the price of your hair transplant by visiting Helia Specialized Clinic and consulting with the experienced specialists of this Dermatologic Clinic. Call +971 56 100 3040 for consultation.

Also, you can get an online consultation through the online chat system of the website.

Hair and eyebrow transplants in this clinic are performed by the prominent doctor of the country, Dr. Hamidreza Khorasani.

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